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A message from our founder

My name is Aurelien Bouche-Pillon, or to many of my friends, Frenchy. I was born and raised in France and immigrated to the Great Lakes, speaking no English, and with nothing to my name in 2006. I quickly fell in love with America and its people – with their drive, passion, and the pride for their country, how could I not? 

Since being in America, I have helped many outdoor sports apparel companies get their start and helped open the market for many European companies in the Great lakes and Canada. 


Over the years, as my respect and deep love of America grew and it became my home, I found myself struggling to find a company whose values, vision, and true love of the people aligned with mine. 


After searching for years, I decided that the best way to work for a company that believed in community, a quality product, and respected the Americas the way I do – was to create my own.


 For me, Aull-Dry represents the American dream that I came here to find. It is a true love story of a man searching the world for a place to build a home, spark a passion, and live out his dreams. 


I am so proud to say that Aull-dry, like me, calls the Americas and the Great Lakes home and always will.

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